Do you want to be a host for live music and/or art at your front porch?

We will have over 30 porches and yards that will be hosting this years Porchfest 2017!

The event date is TBA on January 21st, 2016.

Please note: Not all porches/yards will be selected this year, all porches/yards will be reviewed prior to approval.

We ask all hosts to be open to whatever band/musician we locate at your property, all music selected will be in good taste for a family friendly event. If you can have power available for bands/artists, please note that in the comments section. We ask all hosts to be available the day of the event and at your property. We also request a small area of your driveway, front or side yard be available to an artist/crafter. If you as a host would like to offer drinks or lite snacks, we highly recommend this for a good community building spirit. If you do not have a front porch but have a wonderful open garden or backyard, please note that as well. We will request photos and a site visit prior to the event.

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