4 Business Areas . 15+ Musicians . 15+ Artists – Crafters

Local Businesses meet and greet locals and visitors

Ventnor Street Fairs: A community event amongst Ventnor’s merchant areas

Local merchants, crafters, artists, and live music will be setup along the commercial districts of Ventnor. Encouraging each business to partake and show off their business.

Come down to Ventnor for our wonderful street fairs through out the summer. All festivity goers are encouraged to walk and bike to free up traffic and parking if you are nearby.

In the past few years, the Ventnor City business districts has undergone significant improvements to new and existing businesses, infrastructure, and community involvement.

This event will continue that progress in Ventnor, providing an avenue for local merchants to come together with strong neighborhood support and celebrate the uniqueness this gateway has to offer.


Planned dates of Street fairs:

May 10th – Dorset Ave, from 100 to 300 block

June 14th – North Beach Victoria to Nashville along sidewalks on Ventnor Ave, Victoria to Weymouth on Atlantic Ave

August 16th – South Beach, Melbourne to Fredricksburg along sidewalks of Ventnor Ave

Sept 13th – Downtown Ventnor, Portland to New Haven along Ventnor Ave

Over 15 Musicians

With over 15 musicians in one night, you will surely get your fill of amazing music during the street fairs!

Are you a musician? Sign up here.

Streets become Art Galleries

Browse over 15 artists, throughout Ventnor during the Street Fairs!

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Be a Community Hero!

Volunteer for any or all of our events on the island! Click Here to sign up!

Do you want to perform at the street fairs?


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Are you an artist or crafter?

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Amazing Ventnor Volunteers Needed!

We need at least 10 AMAZING volunteers for the upcoming Street Fairs! Contact us if interested!

All volunteers and captains will get cool swag for helping!