Play Here. Stay Here. Shore’ly Amazing!

What is Amazing Ventnor?

Amazing Ventnor is founded by Michael Einwechter President of Ventnor Tourism. Amazing Ventnor’s goal is to support, assist, create events, and to promote Ventnor City businesses all year long. Amazing Ventnor is creating some exciting community eventsfor all full time and seasonal guests. All of Ventnor from the beach to the bay, we wantto invite you to come here, Stay Here. Play Here!

2017 brings a host of new events by the Amazing Ventnor dream team with the support of the City of Ventnor. Together we will be able to create new exciting events and continue our existing events.

Ventnor is Happening

From art classes to music spots, Ventnor has it going on! Parades, farmers market, school events, and more.

Amazing Ventnor Facebook

Get Social in Ventnor City! Meet friends, join events, and much more.

Home Services

Ventnor is home to many contractors and repair men to help with your next project!

Medical Outlets

Ventnor has some of the islands best doctors, dentists, and chiropractors to serve you.

Ventnor Schools

Ventnor is home to a great school with fantastic yearly programs, including summer events for kids.

Nightlife in Ventnor

From Ventnor Coffee’s Tuesday Jazz Jam Night to Malelani’s Thursday Open Mic Nights, you will find a wide range of things you can do throughout the week in Ventnor.

Ventnor Cultural Arts

Ventnor is home to a world class historical museum, library, and cultural arts center. They have many programs and events throughout the year.

Ventnor Outdoors

What better then a beautiful beach, sprawling boardwalk, and serene bay spots for fishing. Ventnor is home to some of the best sunset spots!

Let’s take the next step and work together.

We need volunteers for upcoming community events! Contact us if interested!